Lankota Employment Opportunities

Welcome to LANKOTA Group

Lankota Group is a family owned business located in central South Dakota that values our Midwestern work ethic. Our strong work ethic, family values, and faith in God are relevant in our everyday business practices. These three things have helped our company continually strive forward through tough economic times. Our ability to be proactive and take risks when necessary enabled us to diversify our company in order to remain successful and still offer the same quality produce at affordable prices to our valued customers.

We have created a team of individuals that understand the value of customer service and meeting the demands of each market we have. Our team finds ways to streamline manufacturing processes in order to maximize efficiencies to get our end product out the door to the end user in a timely fashion. We understand that time is of the essence and we want to help make each and every customer as successful as they can be. We take pride in excelling beyond the accepted standards of customer satisfaction and each customer becomes a member of our team and our family.

Lankota Group understands each day is an opportunity God gave us to assist our customers to our fullest potential. Each changing season brings new challenges we accept willingly to improve ourselves and our products to ensure we can provide quality service and products. We not only hold ourselves to a higher standard, we hold each other accountable to that higher standard.

Our facilities and equipment are maintained regularly to ensure our production process is not slowed for unnecessary repairs. Our technological system is advanced as we take pride in inventory control to maintain our bottom line so our prices stay competitive and affordable for our customer.

We thank God for the blessings we have received and look forward to continually build on the foundation we have constructed at Lankota Group based upon work ethic, family values, and our faith in God.

Success is not an option at Lankota Group, it is a requirement.