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Lankota Group is a front to back manufacturing facility located in Huron, SD. Lankota Group is comprised of Lankota, Inc, Red Devil Snow Blowers, Lankota Snow Commanders, Lankota Hydro Booms, Lankota Custom Cabs, and Ross Insurance. 

Lankota Group has not only developed a strong reputation for exceeding our customer’s expectations, but also for our extensive quality assurance and control.  The products that we manufacture meet industry standards in the most efficient and economical manner possible .

We’ve pursued manufacturing perfection with a precise mix of quality, service, delivery and price.  Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the manufacturing industry by providing a facility with some of the finest manufacturing equipment available. 

Lankota is located in the heart of South Dakota and we value our Midwestern work ethic.  We are fully equipped and capable of performing a variety of metal services.  Our strong work ethic and family values are relevant in our everyday business  practices. These two things have helped our company continually strive forward through tough economic times.

Our ability to be proactive and take risks when necessary, enabled us to diversify our company in order to remain successful and still offer the same quality products at affordable prices to our valued customers.

In fact, we offer the option of either producing one of our valued product lines or custom fabricated parts. We have the capability, the experience and the know-how to solve even the most complex metal manufacturing problems.  And we stand behind our services and products we offer by guaranteeing our customer's satisfaction.